Otsego County Tax Auctions (Michigan)

Secretaries of State in Otsego County, MI operate at the state level, providing administrative services and executive functions for the state. As part of this job, the Secretary of State may provide information on state-wide property auctions, which are held to sell off property with unpaid Otsego County property taxes, tax liens, and property in foreclosure. The Secretary of State may provide information on the auction procedures, the date and time of the Otsego County tax sale, descriptions of the property, and recent property tax appraisals and real estate assessments. The Secretary of State in Otsego County, Michigan may provide tax auction information on its website.

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Clerk Offices in Otsego County, MI maintain public records for a county or local government, including records related to property taxes and tax auctions. In a tax auction, the government sells property with unpaid property taxes that is under a tax lien or in the foreclosure process. Clerk Offices have records on property tax payments, unpaid property taxes, property assessments, parcel numbers, and tax sales. Clerk Offices may also provide parcel searches or property maps to look up properties listed in an Otsego County tax auction, as part of their records on foreclosures and property tax auctions. This Otsego County tax auction information is often available on the Clerk Office website.

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Sheriff Departments in Otsego County, MI are law enforcement agencies that conduct investigations, stop crimes, and enforce tax rulings, including tax liens and foreclosures. In some jurisdictions, they may play a role in tax auctions, which sell off real estate that has property tax debt. The Sheriff Department may keep records about unpaid property taxes, property tax liens, and any law enforcement actions related to an Otsego County foreclosure or a tax auction. The Sheriff Department may also be responsible for running Otsego County tax auctions, including publicizing upcoming tax auctions and carrying out the sales. Tax auction information in Otsego County, Michigan may be available on the Sheriff Department website.

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Treasurer and Tax Collector Offices in Otsego County, MI collect taxes for a county or local government, including property taxes, and they also operate tax auctions. During a tax auction, the Otsego County municipality auctions off properties that have unpaid property taxes, both due to tax liens and the foreclosure process. Treasurers and Tax Collectors maintain records on property Otsego County tax payments, appraisal values, parcel numbers, and tax sales, and they may provide information on setting up a property tax payment plan or appealing a property tax assessment. Tax auction information, including upcoming tax sales, property descriptions, and auction information in Otsego County, Michigan, may be on the Treasurer and Tax Collector website.

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